Will Tyres That Are Damaged Fail An MOT?

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There are many things that go unnoticed which can be cause for an MOT failure. The condition of your tyres is often a factor. Let’s discover what problems might result in a failed test. This knowledge should help you anticipate any problems and get new tyres fitted before your next MOT comes around.

Cracked Tyres

Tyres can suffer cracks as a result of changing weather conditions, under or over-inflation or the rubber degrading over time. Rubber is a strong and sturdy material, but it can become compromised. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the material regularly. Small cracks may seem harmless, but without monitoring, they could become bigger and a lot more dangerous. Cracks can also allow rot to set in, which results in further damage to the tyre over time.

Any crack is a sign that the material is beginning to deteriorate. While you can get away with a small crack for some time, keep in mind that a replacement will be needed sooner rather than later. They will only get worse over time, so don’t allow any cracks to reach a dangerous stage.

If any cracks take up over 10% of the width, they are considered to be illegal. In this case, you’ll need to seek out replacement tyres straight away.


Shallow Tread Depth

Over time, the tread depth will become shallower. This is because the friction between the tyre and the road will eventually wear away at the surface. An illegal tread depth is dangerous because it results in poor adhesion to the road. This can lead to accidents, particularly in poor weather conditions where a bald tyre is likely to slip.

To check your tread depth, simply place a 20p coin into the grooves. If the outer border of the coin is visible, you need to replace the tyres. Remember to check several of the grooves to ensure you don’t miss any parts that might not meet the limit.

Space Saver Tyres

If your car is fitted with a space saver tyre at its MOT appointment, it will fail. You should only really use a space saver to transport your car to the garage for a new tyre fitting.

For Tyre Fitting, Choose Easy Car Care

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Tyre Fitting For Colder Months: When To Fit Winter Tyres

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With the weather becoming more unpredictable as each year goes by, it’s more important than ever to prepare your vehicle for the winter. Not only should you ensure you’ve filled up the screen wash and engine oil, you should also book your winter tyre fitting.

Why Do You Need Winter Tyre Fitting?

When the temperatures plummet, the roads can become icy and slippery. This can be very dangerous, particularly if your tyres are older and have less tread. Winter tyres have better grip in colder temperatures and on wet roads. They’ll increase your safety on the road, so it’s well worth the investment.

How To Care For Winter Tyres

Once your car is fitted with winter tyres, you’ll need to know how to care for them. They’re very similar to regular tyres, so it’s very simple. It’s suggested that you check your tyre pressure more often in the colder seasons, as the drop in temperature can cause the pressure to drop.

When Should You Get Winter Tyres Fitted?

As soon as the temperature drops to 7°C or below, it’s time to switch your tyres. You’ll need them to ensure your car has good grip to the road.

Remember, once winter is over and things start to warm up again, you should remove the winter tyres. At over 7°C, their grip is much worse and you should switch back to summer tyres for the best possible adhesion to the road.

At present, it’s not legally required to have winter tyres fitted. However, it is in many European countries. If our winters continue to become colder, icier and therefore more dangerous, it could become a requirement in future.  If you’re planning a European road trip over the winter, be sure to check what the law is in the countries you’ll be driving through.

For Winter Tyre Fitting, Choose Easy Car Care

At Easy Car Care, we’re all about simple vehicle maintenance. If you’re interested in fitting winter tyres to your car, get in contact with us today. We’d be happy to discuss your options and book your tyre appointment today.