4 Wheel Alignment

Increase Driving Pleasure and Fuel Economy with 4 Wheel Alignment in Chepstow

Easy Car Care offers 4 wheel alignment in Chepstow for all makes and models of vehicle. We use state of the art Hofmann wheel aligning equipment to ensure perfect wheel alignment, every time. Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angle of your car’s wheels, so all wheels are perfectly aligned.

What are the Benefits of 4 Wheel Alignment?

  • Alignment of all 4 wheels ensures the car drive straight and perfectly true. It is a fact that even a brand new car may not have its wheels perfectly aligned.
  • Handling of the vehicle is greatly improved.
  • Fuel economy is increased because the wheels of the vehicle are not unnecessarily pulling in opposite directions, which increases fuel consumption.
  • Tyres wear evenly, therefore, they will need replacing less often
Wheel Alignment

HOFMANN 4 Wheel Alignment

Our HOFMANN 4 wheel alignment equipment offers the latest advanced technology that aligns all 4 wheels perfectly with unmatched accuracy. In addition, with more than 25 years of manufacturers specifications, we can achieve a full four wheel alignment reading quickly and efficiently. Using camera, target and 3D measuring technology, wheels are aligned with precision, meaning you will experience a smoother ride with enhanced fuel economy.

Our wheel alignment service offers the best alignment service on the market, without having to pay the expense to go to specialist wheel alignment technicians.

6 Signs of Poor Wheel Alignment

  • Squeaky tyres
  • Steering wheel not centred when driving straight
  • Loose steering wheel
  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Noticeable vibrations when driving or steering wheel vibrating

Wheel Balancing Service

In addition to wheel alignment, we also offer comprehensive wheel balancing services. Over time wheels can potentially become unbalanced. Wheel balancing restores the correct balance of the wheel which will result in a smoother ride.

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