Looking for Car Diagnostics in Chepstow?

Are your vehicle dash lights indicating there is a problem with your car? Maybe there are strange sounds coming from your car or you have loss of power? Easy Car Care, here in Chepstow offer professional car diagnostics for most makes and models of vehicle. We can inspect your vehicle, diagnose the problem and offer suitable repair services.

My Vehicle is Displaying Lights on the Dash, What do I do?

This can be worrying. Come to us at Easy Car Care Centre in Chepstow, where we will be able to perform diagnostics checks to determine the problem.

We offer fixed priced engine diagnostic checks with no hidden extras. After the check we will advise upon any work that needs to be done and offer an accurate quotation.

What is a Vehicle Diagnostics Check?

If you have a modern car it is highly likely that it contains an engine control unit, also known as an ECU. An ECU monitors the condition and performance of the vehicle and will indicate if there is a problem. The ECU is notified of problems via a number of sensors strategically placed around the vehicle. The sensors feed the ECU information and if there is a problem the ECU will display the error via lights on the dash.

Here at Easy Car Care Centre, we use the latest state of the art diagnostics technology. Our diagnostics equipment will indicate what the problem is. It is vital that if you notice unusual light appearing on the dash that you get the vehicle checked out as soon as possible. As a result, it is likely you will save money long term by addressing an issue before it gets worse.

A diagnostics check will tell us what the problem is, so we can investigate further.

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Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostic Services

Here at Easy Car Care, we offer comprehensive general vehicle diagnostics checks covering all aspects of vehicle systems. Whether your ABS needs attention or your steering is out, we have the skills and expertise to quickly diagnose any problems and offer a repair solution.

Book Engine Diagnostics Checks in Chepstow

If you are looking for engine diagnostics in Chepstow simply contact Easy Car Care. Call us on 01291 624 323, fill out our contact form or visit us in Chepstow Business Park.