Professional ECU Remapping in Chepstow from Easy Car Care

Easy Car Care use the latest technology to provide comprehensive ECU remapping in Chepstow. To improve your vehicles performance and boost torque book your car in for ECU remapping today.

What is ECU Remapping and is it worth it?

ECU Remapping consists of overwriting a vehicle’s factory default ECU settings. When car manufacturers build cars, the ECU is mass produced to default settings which do not consider various factors such as regional laws, fuel qualities, environmental conditions and so on. Remapping the ECU means you can optimise the ECU based on your environmental factors and general driving conditions, therefore improving your cars performance.

When you have your vehicle’s ECU remapped, we use the latest technology to take a reading from the default ECU factory setting. Taking the reading into account we can therefore adjust various factors within the map, optimising the map based on your individual needs. The adjustments we make will realise the potential performance of your vehicle.

Remapping will increase the overall performance of your engine including; torque, BHP, torque and fuel economy.  Furthermore, you do not need to worry about your vehicle’s reliability being compromised. Here at Easy Car we have the capability to remap ECUs on all makes and models of vehicle.

ECU Remapping

How Long Does ECU Remapping Take?

The specialist technicians here at Easy Car Care can remap your vehicle’s ECU in around 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is essential to book this service in advance. We will be able to perform the remapping at a suitable time that is convenient for you.

Contact Easy Car Care to Book ECU Remapping in Chepstow

To book your vehicle in for ECU remapping in Chepstow, simply contact us here at Easy Car Care. Call us on 01291 624323, visit us or fill out our contact form.