Do Hybrid Cars Services Differ From Regular Servicing?

Hybrid vehicle bumper

The UK’s roads are filled with a mixture of fuel, electric and hybrid vehicles. Because of this, we’ve expanded our range of services to meet the needs of electric and hybrid car owners. There are some slight difference with what each vehicle will need. Let’s take a look at what might be different for hybrid car services.

Do Hybrid Vehicles Need Less Maintenance?

In some ways yes, and in other ways no. Because a hybrid vehicle is powered by a combination of a battery and an engine, the engine doesn’t have to work as hard as it does on a traditional vehicle. This usually means that oil needs topping up and changing less often. However, the battery and engine combination can make the hood of the car hotter. Therefore, the coolant may need topping up more often.


What’s Included In Hybrid Car Services?

Much like standard petrol and diesel vehicles, hybrid cars still need the usual mechanical checks. We’ll ensure that the brakes and steering are working correctly, and also check the suspension and fluids. Some hybrid vehicles will also need the charging equipment checked, if they have it.

The charging equipment is comprised of a few different parts. First, the hybrid battery will need to be checked for overall health. If it’s not performing very well, it will need replacing. We also need to check the charging port and cables. Finally, the inverter coolant and brake binding also need to be assessed.

How Often Do You Need Hybrid Car Services?

There’s no difference in servicing frequencies for hybrid and standard vehicles. Much like with petrol or diesel engines, you’ll need to service your hybrid car more or less depending on how much mileage you do. At a minimum, you should get a service once per year.

Because of this, hybrid car maintenance isn’t usually any more expensive than that of a fuel-powered vehicle. Although the initial outlay may be more expensive, you shouldn’t have to worry about extra costs down the line. The most expensive fee you might have for your hybrid car is a battery replacement. However, the batteries are designed to last for up to 11 years, so this should be a very rare occurrence.

For Hybrid Car Services, Choose Easy Car Care

If you have a hybrid vehicle and need a local garage to help with servicing and maintenance, look no further. Our team have experience working with regular, hybrid and electric vehicles, so you can trust us to take care of your needs.